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Marie-Christine Uzan and Aurélien Marteaux, the two creators of the project, share the same passion for travel, discovery, cultural curiosity, and the same definition of welcoming and hospitality.
From her youngest age, Marie-Christine, passionate of photography, crossed the world, often alone, eager for discoveries and for meetings. Aurélien, gets involved in the cultural and associative environment. It is from their unexpected meeting to the Sorbonne University in 2004 that will arise the idea to associate their experiences and to develop the project of La Rose d' Atacama.


Marie-Christine Uzan

Marie-Christine Uzan worked in the tourism from his first jobs. As director of travel agencies, she acquires a wide experience in administrative and commercial management in this branch of tourism. Her career will bring her to develop its knowledges in the cultural sector where, as manager of audiovisual productions, she will enrich her experience in conception of projects.
With a resumption of study, she confirms her whole self-taught's route by obtaining a 5th year of university in Engineering of Intercultural Projects.


Aurélien Marteaux

Graduate of a 5th year of university in Engineering of Intercultural Projects and holder of a Master's degree of Information and communication, comedian amateur, musician and theatrical presenter, Aurélien is interested in all the artistic disciplines. At first in charge of festivals' production, cultural journalist, then communication manager of a National Center of Artistic Creation, he acquires an experience in any ground in the field of animation, writing of projects and promotion of artistics projects.

Aurélien left La Rose d'Atacama in october 2014.


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