La Rose d'Atacama

French class

The Centre of Cultural Events of La Rose d'Atacama proposes French class to the inhabitants and professionals of San Pedro de Atacama.
These lessons are dispensed by a French teatcher. To help the learning, several teaching supports are used : video projections, audio extracts, press articles, tales, poetries... Through this French class, it is also a discovery of the culture, the intellectual and artistic production of French language that is proposed.


Session of initiation

Formule d'initiation intensive sur 4 semaines.

Number of students in each class : nearly 10 students.

2 hours lesson / 3 times a week during 1 month.
Group A : Monday / Wednesday / Friday, from 8pm to 10pm.
Group B : Tuesday / Thuesday / Saturday, from 11am to 1pm.
Session Total : 24 hours.

Price of the complete session : $ 30.000.

Personal lessons

On request are organized personnel lessons for 1 to 4 persons. These lessons are adapted to the requests and to the linguistic domains the concerned persons want to improve.

These personal lessons are proposed to the attention of persons :
  • Wishing to form themself quickly and in a specific domain.
  • learning already french and wishing to be accompanied in this initiative.
  • Already having some basics and wishing an extending.
  • Price : $ 4.000 for 2 hours class.


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