La Rose d'Atacama

Rendez-vous around the 12th


When inhabitants, artists and travelers from all around the world meet each others...

The "Rendez-vous around the 12th" are evenings which give a place to the artists from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile and all the world. Music, theatre, dance, circus and poetry punctuate these evenings according to the invited artists and talents of the travelers.
The "Rendez-vous around the 12th", as their name indicates, are organized around the 12th of the month in the patio of La Rose d' Atacama. For the tranquility of the residents of the residencial these evenings end at 11 pm.

Access and free participation for the residents of La Rose d'Atacama.
To assure the payment of the artists and the speakers, a financial contribution varying according to evenings could be demand to the spectators coming from the outside.


Saturday, september 10th 2011

Fourth "Rendez-vous autour du 12"

Programmation :
Music live !
Jorge Castillo Vicencio
Fabian Grosso
y Guillermo Pizarro Sippa.

From 8:00pm to 10:00pm // Entrance : $ 2 000 pesos.
See the photos.

Saturday, january 14th 2011

Third "Rendez-vous around the 12th"

Programmation :
Andrès (saxophone)

Saturday, november 13th 2010

Second "Rendez-vous around the 12th"

Programmation :
Rodrigo Qowasi (guitar) et Igor Ledermann (accordion)

First part : Catalina Guzmán, Javiera Guzmán
et Rodrigo (Guitar and voices)

See the photos.

Tuesday, october 12th 2010

First "Rendez-vous around the 12th"

La Rose d' Atacama celebrates its first month of existence !

Programmation :
Catalina y Javiera Guzmán (Guitar and voices)
Andrès (circus and saxophone)
and fire dance.
See the photos.



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