La Rose d'Atacama

La Rose d'Atacama


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Rose d' Atacama is not an hostel as the others. As wished it his two creators, this place is a special mix of conviviality, peace and cultural activities.
A "house" right in the heart of San Pedro of Atacama where travelers from all around the world, inhabitants and artists meet each others.


A welcoming hostel in a ancient colonial house

Ancient colonial house constructed in "adobe" (traditional manufacturing with natural materials), garden with hammocks shaded by a fig tree, a quince tree, a chañar and a pomegranate tree, a patio to meet around the fire... La Rose d' Atacama is a place where it well makes relax himself, discuss or inquire himself on the region of Atacama, Chile, and the atacamena culture.

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A centre of cultural events

Opened to the residents of the hostal and to the inhabitants of San Pedro, several cultural events are organized all along the year : exhibitions of photos, projections of movies, theatrical and musical evenings, meetings and conferences about history of Chile, atacamena culture, astronomy...
The Cultural centre also has a bookcase to consult works on the region and proposes French courses to the inhabitants of San Pedro de Atacama.

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Cultural residencial La Rose d'Atacama
n°202 Gustavo Le Paige, San Pedro de Atacama (Chile)
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